Bailers are machines used in the process of material compaction for the purposes of improved ease of handling, transportation, storage and/or recycling for a variety of industries. The primary function of industrial balers is to compact and bind, or “bale”, waste and recyclable materials.

Depending on the intended application of a bailer, there are two main structure types to choose from: vertical and horizontal – referring to the direction in which material flows through the machine. Vertical balers are top-loaders and tend to be used for lightweight materials and waste products. Vertical bailers are single-load machines that need to be manually unloaded, but are more compact and usually cost less than horizontal balers. Horizontal bailers are designed for continuous process implementation and while they can be hand fed, are often installed with automated or mechanical feeding options. Bailers are usually able to accommodate high volumes of material with a large input area. The material is fed into a compression chamber where it is pounded and squeezed until it has been compacted into a bale, or another desired shape. The compact waste or recyclable material is then bound with wire, plastic or string to maintain its shape. Bailers, such as cardboard balers and metal balers, can be manufactured to produce bales in specific sizes according to storage or transportation needs. Smaller bales are lighter and easier to transport, but the process of making smaller bales may slow down the overall compaction time. Most industrial bailers are powered by electricity and both vertical and horizontal balers use hydraulic systems to move the waste material, cutting back on energy expenditure and heat generation.

For high waste-producing industries such as automotive manufacturing, plastics manufacturing and grocery or food processing, the necessity of compacting and baling is not only for recycling purposes but also for economical benefits. Reducing the bulk of waste reduces the money and effort required to dispose of it. Furthermore, using compactors to reduce waste cuts down the carbon emissions required in recycling and further helps the environment. As recycling becomes more central to industrial and manufacturing processes, baling equipment will play a large role in assisting the process of reducing the carbon footprint of industry. Complete turn-key recycling and composting systems can be designed around a basic bailer, allowing businesses to be environmentally responsible in their waste management. Compacting and baling waste materials reduces the storage size and transportation size of the material allowing companies to spend less in its disposal, as well as the disposal having a beneficial environmental impact, for example, baled materials can be reused in the production of new objects.


Shredding BailersBailers – Shred-Tech®

Shredding BailerBailers – Shred-Tech®

Shred-Tech® is a leading manufacturer of technologies for the shredding and reduction of almost any sort of material imaginable. From different bailer services to shredding, we improve the ease of handling waste and recycling materials. During our nearly forty years of shredding experience, we have helped customers reduce everything from tires to office paper – recently implementing a new hard-drive destruction unit. Started in Ontario with a small team of employees, we began growing and have not looked back since. This grew into two new service centers located in North Carolina and California, with more than 2,000 shredding and recycling systems installed by Shred-Tech around the world.

Our ability to provide waste reduction, material handling and recycling solutions does not stop at the doors of our service centers. In the 1980s, we introduced the Mobile Document Shredding Truck, revolutionizing the document shredding industry. Today we are the largest shredding truck manufacturer in the world. The incorporation of new technologies and designs is indicative of the stance we hold toward growth and adaptability – not only embracing progress, but leading the way. However, we are best known for our solid foundation in and continued passionate manufacturing of reduction and shredding stationary systems. In addition to designing and manufacturing waste reduction systems for customers, we offer maintenance services, round-the-clock technical support and a commitment to long-term part supply.

Innovation and quality continue to fuel our efforts to provide cost-effective reduction systems, and we continue to design and improve our products. Customers can look forward to benefiting from our efforts to push the industry standard higher. Shred-Tech® provides first-class shredding systems to customers, not only in Canada and the United States, but also in the global arena, and we will be helping to reduce and recycle the world’s waste for years to come.

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