Cardboard Balers

Cardboard balers are designed specifically for the compression of paper and cardboard waste materials, typically for recycling purposes. Balers are used by industries for waste management reasons and to result in easier handling, storage, transportation and disposal of unnecessary materials and byproducts. Cardboard balers are used most commonly in retail, consumer and manufacturing industries to minimize cardboard waste from packaging and storage.

Although designed specifically for cardboard and corrugated cardboard compression, most cardboard balers can also bale materials such as paper and plastics. Like other types of balers, cardboard balers can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on the flow of material through the machine. However, cardboard balers are typically vertical as these types of balers are more suited to lightweight waste material compression. They are loaded from an input area at the top end of the baler, and material is fed down into the chamber where it is pounded and crushed into a compact bale. Although not as common, horizontal balers can also be used for heavy-duty cardboard waste as they are able to bear a greater weight load and usually have an automated motion system. For both vertical and horizontal balers, the compaction of the material uses a hydraulic system which is a more efficient compaction method, and results in less heat being produced during the process.

Some cardboard balers can be designed to produce bales in specific sizes according to a manufacturer’s transport, storage or recycling capabilities. Custom specification in a baler will potentially cost more than a standard model, and while it may save in the long term, it might not be a necessary feature of a baler. Balers are durable pieces of machinery and are available to be purchased second-hand. Used balers are typically refurbished, which can be a risk, but if the refurbishment process has been done correctly, are able to last for a good number of years. Check for quality of workmanship and material when sourcing used balers to ensure a good deal. For high waste-producing industries such as retail stores or food processing services, the necessity of compacting and baling waste materials is both environmental and economical. Reducing the bulk of waste makes the process of disposing of it easier and cheaper, and the time required for recycling is also reduced which cuts back on the carbon emissions being released. Complete turn-key recycling systems can be designed around an individual baler, allowing for a fully “green” process. Manufacturers need to be environmentally responsible in their waste management processes, and balers are one way in which to aid their efforts.


Vertical Cardboard BalerCardboard Balers – BACE

At BACE we enjoy finding innovative solutions and manufacturing industrial balers that will change the way the industry operates. Our innovations benefit the technical growth of our company as well as the industry as a whole. We continue to create new technologies that are changing the face of the industrial balers industry. Not only are we on the cutting edge of the industry, we are leading the charge. With over 400 clients worldwide, you know you can trust BACE to produce only the highest quality balers that will decrease costs and increase efficiency.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer solutions that no other company can provide, and that it due to our expertise in manutechturing. There are a lot of questions that float around in the baling industry, and we wanted to make a product that answers these questions. This system can be added onto any baler and can tell you exact bale weights before ejecting from the baler, it notifies recyclers when a certain amount of bales are ready for pick up, it can order baling wire or straps so you don’t have to, and it notifies you when it needs preventive maintenance to prevent downtime.

We do business smarter, and because of that we do business better. We work with you to make sure that our balers will fit your exact specifications. We will even oversee installation and instruct you and your staff on both safety and operational procedures. BACE has so much to offer your company, and the industry in general. We promise to deliver long lasting products with superior reliability, heaviest bales possible, and lowest maintenance cost. Take a step towards the future and contact one of our representatives or explore our website for more information on BACE and all our products and innovative solutions.

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