Compactors are designed to compress waste materials and scrap products for easier transportation, handling and better space efficiency. Industries such as food processing, manufacturing facilities, retail and consumer businesses and automotive factories all benefit in terms of environmentally and economically from compacting trash. Reducing the bulk volume of trash reduces the money and effort required to dispose of it.

Compactors are similar to industrial balers in that they reduce waste, but are typically used for non-recyclable materials in order to save space in landfills and other trash disposal locations. Compactors tend to be smaller than balers and result in more compact bundles of waste at the end of the process. Specific types of compactors include trash compactors for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, compactors fitted into the back of garbage trucks to conserve space and compactors that are designed for specific materials. Most waste materials such as textiles, food products, containers, metals, plastics and fibrous materials can be processed with compactors, however hazardous materials such as aerosol cans, batteries and chemicals should be disposed with an approved method. Recycling is an important way for manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial activity, and compactors remain an integral part of this.

A large chamber, an electric motor and a hydraulic or pneumatic press are the three main components of a compactor. Industrial compactors can have manual or automated loading functions from a large input area which is able to handle large volumes of waste material. The input area feeds the waste material into the chamber where it is pounded and compacted under great pressure from the press. Using a hydraulic press minimizes the energy lost in the process and reduces the heat produced by the machine. Industrial compactors usually produce bales of compressed materials, while commercial or residential compactors are more likely to use bags or bins to store compressed waste until disposal. The compressed material is then ready for transport to a permanent disposal location, or to a recycling facility to be reused. Factories, hotels, schools, medical centers and manufacturing facilities typically have a compactor on the premises for ease of access and minimal transport costs. While the initial expense of purchasing a compactor may seem high, there are many advantages to using compactors onsite. For example, they help to minimize odor and vermin problems, reduce the frequency of required waste removal, eliminate spillage and leaks from overflowing waste containers and improve standards of housekeeping around a facility.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

Compactyre: Tire CompactorCompactor Manufacturers – Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is on the cutting edge of solid waste management and innovative compacting equipment. Our company was started over 40 years ago and set the standards in the industrial baling and compactors industry. We have now become a global leader in designing and manufacturing solid waste equipment. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and pride ourselves on producing equipment that protects the environment and ensures a more beautiful world for the generations to come. We are located in Harmony, Minnesota and focus on key items of quality, customer service, and safety.

Our global company offers over 40 models of balers including vertical balers, horizontal balers, compactors, indoor and outdoor packers, tire compactors, extract pack, green products, and other solid waste handling equipment. Our products are highly customizable and versatile to meet the exact needs of our diverse customer base. Harmony Enterprises, Inc. serves many industries including retail, hospitality, medical, bottling, public buildings, and more. In order to serve our international customer base, we have a manufacturing facility in Harmony, Minnesota and a European distribution and technical support office in Toulouse, France. Our worldwide sales and distribution network is focused on providing quality customer service.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. works with state-of-the-art CAD technology to engineer and create solutions that will last and perform for years to come. Quality control is highly sought out in our company and products do not leave the doors unless the entire team is satisfied with the product`s quality. Not only can customers buy solid waste handling equipment, but we also offer a rental program for our balers and compactors. We offer support for service, parts, and maintenance on our machines to better serve our customer`s needs. Please call one of our sales representatives today or visit our website!

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