Industrial Balers

Industrial balers are machines used to compress and bind materials, mostly waste and byproducts, for shipping, recycling, disposal and secondary processing. They take products, waste and materials and compress, compact and/or bind them. This produces a smaller, denser product that is easier to handle and less expensive to transport.

Industrial balers are utilized by the agriculture, industrial manufacturing, retail, oil, automotive and plastic products manufacturing industries, along with restaurants, schools and junk yards on a regular basis. They use balers to condense any material, including garbage, plastic, metal, paper, cloth and agricultural products like hay. Waste materials that will not be recycled are often compacted. This reduces the size of landfills. Most products like plastic bottles, cans and paper, which are recycled, are baled and compressed as part of the recycling process. Perhaps the most common product used in baling, cardboard boxes are found in many industries and can take up a lot of space, money and time, since they are disposable and extremely common. By baling them together, work environments are more organized and recycling is easier. Using balers not only saves space and time, but money as well. The cost of labor is reduced and trash removal fees are lower when handling baled materials.

There are two main types of industrial balers-vertical and horizontal. Horizontal balers take up more floor space but have a greater load capacity, while vertical balers require manual unloading but produce much less waste. Most are powered with an electric motor and use a large metal ram to flatten the material. They also use a hydraulic system that reduces heat and energy loss. Balers are equipped with pumps that remove any leftover liquids from the material, both for sanitary conditions and worker safety. Industrial balers can be a component of a system and work in conjunction with a conveyor or shredder, or handle material independently. The material or products are fed through the baler, then smashed down by a heavy and powerful ram. Bundles of compressed material are often bound with wire, plastic or string. Often, balers and compactors are often considered interchangeable terms, when in fact, they are different machines. They do similar work, but their specific functions within industries are slightly different. Balers are mostly used for trash and recycle compacting, as well as agriculture material compacting. They compact and bind materials, while compactors are mostly used to compress and flatten waste materials that are headed to a land fill.

International Baler Corporation

Taurus Industrial BalerIndustrial Balers – International Baler Corporation

With over 60 years of experience, International Baler Corporation converts industrial waste from a necessary cost into an added stream of profits through recycling. Our industrial balers provide solutions for many different industries and we are happy to provide support with any products we offer. We have been a leader in design and manufacturing of commercial and industrial recycling equipment, shipping worldwide. We offer the largest and most diversified product line in the baler industry and have over 150 years of combined experience in engineering and manufacturing in this industry.

We offer baling equipment to meet a wide range of needs. Our entry level vertical balers are a good low cost option for businesses when production volume is not a priority. They are easy to install, provide simple operation and can bale a large variety of materials. We also manufacture a variety of high-production horizontal balers like the auto-ties and two-rams. These machines provide a fully automatic operation that can handle large amounts of material. We also offer specialty baling equipment for foam, textiles and rubber. All of our equipment can be customized to meet your specific baling needs. International Baler also offers ancillary equipment like conveyor systems, fluffers and dumpers. On top of our quality baling equipment, we also provide a stocked parts department with a variety of commonly needed components and have the capability to special order items needed. We also offer phone or email service help and in-site service if further assistance is needed.

We pride ourselves in offering over 200 configurations of balers to choose from and take pride in assisting our customers in selecting the correct equipment for your specific application. We are more than happy to discuss your situation and find the best solution for you and your budget. We understand that situations differentiate and build almost every application to fit your needs allowing you to gain maximum efficiency from your equipment. Give us a call today!

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