Industrial Compactors

Industrial compactors are used in compressing waste materials for the purposes of improved handling, transportation, storage and recycling. The primary reason for using industrial compactors is to reduce waste management costs by compacting non-recyclable materials for disposal. Compactors are able to reduce the volume of waste materials by up to 75% which not only reduces transportation and storage costs, but also saves space in landfills.

The use of industrial compactors reduces the bulk volume of waste materials, reduces the money and effort required to dispose of them and leads to savings over time. Compactors tend to be smaller units than industrial balers and form more compact bundles of waste material. Industrial compactors are used by marine, food waste processing, aerospace, medical and industrial manufacturing. Materials that can be processed by industrial compactors include: textiles, food products, drums, rubber waste, metal scraps, plastic and fibrous metals and almost any type of waste. However, aerosol cans, batteries, flammable or explosive materials and poisonous materials should be disposed of in approved ways. Compactors can be fitted with extraction capabilities which are able to remove any liquids or moisture residue in the waste material.

Styles of compactors include: stationary, self-contained, vertical or horizontal, as well as designs for material-specific or industry-specific applications. Industrial compactors are composed of three main components: a large metal chamber, an electric motor and a hydraulically or pneumatically powered press. The compactor is loaded manually or automatically through an input area and the waste material is fed into a chamber where it is pounded, smashed and flattened unto a compact size. The electric motor powers the press which is required to exert a great amount of force upon the waste materials. Using a hydraulic system helps to reduce the amount of heat produced by the process, and to minimize energy loss. When the press reaches a set pressure point and the waste material can be no further compressed, the machine reverts to its original position and the compressed waste can be removed. Commercial compactors, such as trash compactors, usually use bins or bags to store the freshly compressed materials, but industrial compactors typically produce bales of waste material. Compactors play an important role in helping manufacturers to be environmentally responsible in terms of waste management and disposal and in reducing the carbon footprint of industrial activity. They reduce the frequency of waste removal, minimize the potential for overflowing waste and contaminants, provide more hygienic environments and improve facility maintenance.

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