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Balers have a wide variety of uses in a number of industries. They can be found in food processing, landfills, scrap yards, recycling, hospitality, retail and warehouses amongst others. They can be used to compact a large range of items, based on the need of the company or industry. These can range from cardboard, to textiles, to plastics, to metal. They help these industries because they are able to compact the material, often reducing the size of the waste by seventy-five percent. This can save the company money in transportation and disposal of the waste. Not to mention all the space it is able to save if the materials would have to be stored. After the material is compressed, it is bound in plastic, string or wire. This holds the material in its tightly compressed shape until it is disposed.

The only problem is the costs can be high. To combat this difficulty, many companies sell refurbished and used balers. As with all used and refurbished goods, careful testing should be done prior to buying or selling to ensure that it is functioning as it should. Balers come in many styles to tailor toward the needs of the company. Vertical balers take up less space and are best for companies that produce lower amounts of waste. They work best for light materials such as cardboard. The other option is horizontal. These versions are larger and geared towards heavier and denser materials. They also have a quicker output rate in comparison to vertical balers. On top of these two options, many other more specific choices can be made depending on the exact material, whether it is trash, metal, drums, cardboard or other waste products. Once all of these different aspects are considered, a baler can be purchased to help reduce waste and save the company money when it comes to disposal and transportation of the waste.

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